Monday, April 2, 2012

Eqbal Zack Fan Page Celebration Giveaway!

Sapa yg x kenal ngn abg Eqbal Zack. Seorang blogger yg banyak membuat contest tentang penulisan demi melahirkan generasi yg lebih celik pengetahuan. Kali ni, beliau sedang melancarkan satu GA yg diberi nama Eqbal Zack Fan Page Celebration Giveaway! Pe lagi, jom join reramai....

Ni adalah syarat2 yg ditetapkan oleh abg Eq utk GA ni;

1. "LIKE" my Facebook Fan-Page.

2. Blog about this giveaway on your blog with a link back to this post. Come back and leave me a Comment with a URL link to your blog post.
**If your comment doesn’t show up right away, don’t worry I may have to approve it first.

3. This contest runs from today until 7 April 2012.

4. Winners will be chosen by RANDOM.ORG and will be announced on 9 April 2012.
So to all of you who are already connected with me via facebook/blog, feel free to “LIKE” my new Facebook Page by visiting it HERE and clicking on “LIKE”. Thank you.

CK One, Chrome Azzaro and Mont Blanc for men.

DKNY for women, this perfume looks good enough to take a bite!

Macam mne? Mudah je kan.. Hadiah dia pun sgt2 la menarik... Pe lagi, jom la join cepat. Kalo ade rezeki, dpt la... Adios...!!!


ZWAN SABRI said...

Menarik hadiah dia.. btw, Good Luck! :)

FareezVanFillers said...

gud luck beb....

Rozuan Ismail said...

good luck, wan pon baru join. nasiblah sape yg menang kan