Monday, October 18, 2010

biggest impact

At last, i already decided.
I'm free now.
Don't want to see that again.
What ever happen, I will not doing that again.
I feel such a jerk.
Being like that, no future.
I hope that everybody will understand me.
Will give me support.
Will lead me to move forward.
Will makes me realize that I am in a real life.
Will be with me to face all that.
Thank You Allah..!!
For giving me an opportunity.
To redeem myself.
To let me be Your true humble servant.
Hope it will be always in my heart.
No turning back.
Never let past life come over me again.
I need to be strong.
I need to let go fear.
I need to face the reality.
I need to forget all my imagination.
I need to do it by myself.
Even there are people who support me.
But it all depends on me.
If I said no to it, then it will be no for it.
May Allah be with me always..

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