Monday, June 21, 2010


Why? Do you always do this to me. Why? Couldn't you just see it's through me. How come, you act like this like you just don't care at all. Do you expect me to believe, I was the only one to fall..
I can feel you near me, even know you far away. I can feel you baby, why?
It's not supposed to feel this way, I need you. More and more each day.. I not supposed to hurt this way, I need you..
Are you and me still together, tell me.. You think we could last forever, tell me.. Why?
Hey, listen to what we're not saying. Let's play, a different game that we weren't playing. Try, to look at me, and really see my heart. Do you expect me to believe, I'm gonna let us fall apart..
So go and think about, whatever you need to think about. Go and dream about, whatever you need to dream about. And come back to me when you know just how you feels..

by avril lavigne

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