Friday, October 9, 2009

wOrkinG moOd - bUsiNesS

aHakzz...I'm still working rite now. I never thought that this business will go this far. From day to day, my customers expand and more and more.. At first, i felt so hard for me to get into this business, but after i already done it, the passion comes itself and give me a motivation to myself. Business actually good to be practice by everyone because it can train us to be self-motivated and letting ourselves shows our credibility and creativity in doing somethings..

However, business is not as easy as people thought. It has so many barriers as we facing a lot of people with different thought and willing. It is true that, filling people willing is a hard thing to do, but it's not possible to be done. A good strategy and well-planning will make our jobs more easier.

Doing business is a good thing. So, for those who keeping a dream to do a business, keep going and never give up on trying. It not just depend on your strategy and knowledge of your business, you attitude and luck also are the biggest impact for your business. Sincerely in doing business and be a good businessmen.. Good luck for newcomer and adios..!!

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